Teerth Yatras’

Importance of connecting people with holy shrines.

India is home to a number of religions and there is liberty for every religion to preach its belief in form of Temples, Dargahs, Ghats, and Pagodas. To witness this absolute faith of people on their almighty one should visit holy places like Haridwar, Varanasi, Ajmer Sharif, Vrindavan, and Pushkar etc. Each year, Millions of pilgrims visit these holy sites in search of peace or utmost salvation but for some, it remains a distant dream. A dream either because they are not wealthy enough to bear the cost of travel, accommodation or they are too old to travel alone. I always had this innate desire to fulfil this dream of every citizen around me.

Hence, with the assistance of Jan Sewa Charitable Society, I launched a special pilgrimage bus service for the citizens of Sonipat city to the holy shrines of Vrindavan, Ajmer Sharif, Haridwar, Pushkar, and Balaji Maharaj. I always believed that the best way of doing Ishwar Bhakti is by helping his believers reach closer to god. I hope it becomes a legacy from hereon and we continue supporting each other in this cause.

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life

Surender Panwar

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