Motivating Sports Person of Sonipat

Haryana is popularly known as the driving force that powers the medals hope for India in any prominent championship. In my views, aggression, physical strength and perseverance have been the key reason for this success. Sports figures like Sushil Kumar, Seema Antil, Vijender Singh Saina Nehwal has inspired the youth in Haryana to dream. Dream about achieving success at the international level, to be a hope for millions of sports lovers and also be an inspiration to encourage more talent. But it could have never been possible without the right support given to back these talents. Support in terms of infrastructure, sports equipment, coaching, and nutrition.
In rural areas, there’s no infrastructure to help children realize their sporting abilities and pursue what they want. I always felt it is to fool oneself if we are expecting and keeping hopes from these children without devoting any effort to help them achieve what they can. Realizing my responsibility, I along with the support of Jan Sewa Charitable Society have started appreciating the efforts of our young guns at the rural level. I have started making my little efforts to help the budding sportsmen get that required push and motivation to gradually scale on their performance. By all means, we have to help our youth go ‘higher, faster and stronger’.

Practice like you’ve never won and play like you’ve never lost

surender panwar

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