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A Brief Introduction

Story of Sh. Surender Panwar

Sh. Surender Panwar is a public-spirited philanthropist and a dynamic leader in the city of Sonipat. He has devoted his life to building businesses, creating jobs and achieving social inclusiveness in his constituency. After setting the standards of excellence in his endeavors, he has now dedicated his life to the welfare of the citizens. His unrelenting efforts to curb social injustice, poverty, and unemployment have been acclaimed by the local populace, renowned personalities, and well-known organizations.

Giving back to society!

Social Works

Tree Plantation
Congregational Marriages
Blood Donation
Free Submersible Installation
No Cost Ambulance Service
Scholarships to Students
Free Water Tankers
Helping Specially Abled
Regular help in Cow Shelters
Helping Martyrs Families
Construction of Religious Places
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Main Mission
I am committed to the overall development of the city of Sonipat.Explore Manifesto.

My Team

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Learn more about the people who help me achieve the Social Work goals that I've set.Not all heroes wear capes!
Vision for the City

My Vision

Teerth Yatras’

Our India is world famous for its heritage and wonderfully crafted temples, mosques and other shrines. Some of my efforts to let the people of my city visit such incredible places are as follows:

Solving Water Crisis

The issue of water crisis in the city of Sonipat is acute and ruling parties have considerably failed in achieving a solution. Read my efforts to sort out the issue of water shortage.


A Nation can earn accolades by its sportspersons. Motivating deserving sportsmen and providing them with quality sports infrastructure has always been a priority for me.


With continued industrial developments we’ve ignored mother nature in our quest for development. It is high time to pay something back to nature or else we’ve to brace ourselves for the wrath of Nature.


I’ve always believed in the famous quote “Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world.” Subsequently, motivating the deserving students has always been a priority for me. Read my views on how we can transform a city by educating its citizens.

Healthy Sonipat

The happiness of a region is defined by how healthy its citizen are. Moreso, due to lack of quality government facilities, people have found themselves in trouble whenever an emergency arises. Read how we are helping citizens of our region by free health-related services.

Teerth Yatras’
Solving Water Crisis
Healthy Sonipat

What People Say About Me

“We had an acute shortage of water in our colony. Daily household chores had come to a halt during a recent shortage and we had to carry water from another colony. It was an utter surprise for us when Sh. Surender Panwar came to our rescue and installed a submersible pump in our colony. Many thanks to him for such kind gesture.”

Ashok Singh

Ashok Singh

Local Resident

“Sometime ago my child was injured severely while playing. People came to my help and someone called Jan Seva Charitable Society. Within 20 minutes Ambulance was at my doorstep to take my child to the hospital. One of them donated blood for my child and were with me till the time everything came under control.”



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My Thoughts

Inclusive Development in the city of Sonipat
Inclusive Development in the city of Sonipat

How can we get our city back on track? How to ensure Inclusive development? All these core questions have been evolving in my mind for years. Read how am I planning to solve…

Improving conditions of Farmers of Sonipat
Improving conditions of Farmers of Sonipat

Villages are the soul of our great nation. I believe that our whole nation needs to pay back to the farmers for the sacrifices they’ve made, for the food they’ve endowed us with. Read more…

Upliftment of women of Sonipat
Upliftment of women of Sonipat

I aspire for a Sonipat that is safe for our Mothers and Sisters. I aspire for a city that treats its women as a goddess and pays them due respect and facilities necessary for their safety, growth and good health.

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